De Graaf Logistics and Teamtrans: the solution for all your regional and urban area distribution

Local experts join forces to deliver regional and urban area distribution throughout The Netherlands.

De Graaf Logistics has partnered with Teamtrans.

Local, regional, nationwide

Twelve seasoned hauliers have teamed up under the Teamtrans umbrella organisation, bringing a highly efficient, finely-meshed network for regional and urban area distribution throughout The Netherlands.

Collaboration as the driving force behind green logistics

This combination of local expertise and nationwide coverage enables Teamtrans to consolidate cargo flows and to transport these shipments the smart way. By doing so, Teamtrans is able to ensure a high drop density with fewer haulage kilometres.

With its nationwide network for regional distribution, Teamtrans is also seen to bring a sustainable solution for the highly topical issue of Dutch urban area distribution.

A broad range of services at a keen price

Teamtrans offers a total service package. Our rates are highly competitive in the 1 to 300 kilo product group. In terms of timed deliveries we are particularly flexible as a network.

All Teamtrans members are ISO 9001-certified. We are committed to ensuring 100% reliability in all processes, all deliveries and all arrangements made.

How does it work?

Each Teamtrans member has its own dedicated service area, based on postcode regions. Within that region, each member handles the distribution operations for all other members. This acts to bring about a clustering of goods from a few thousand different consignors. The goods flow between the depots that is required to this end, is put in place at night.

Shipments are exchanged between the members on a daily basis, enabling each Teamtrans partner to bring overnight distribution services throughout The Netherlands, even for very small shipments at 'the right price'.
On an annual basis, Teamtrans transports well over 2,500,000 shipments with 125 lorries.

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