De Graaf Logistics and DHB

Partners achieve greater efficiency in Benelux distribution.

De Graaf Logistics is a partner to DHB - Distribution Holland Belgium. DHB pools the strengths of six family-run businesses forging them into the logistical power of an international company.

De Graaf and DHB distribute your goods throughout the Benelux – covering fewer kilometres, emitting less carbon dioxide and with greater efficiency.

Less transport

Through DHB, De Graaf Logistics exchanges your goods at night between various locations in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. These exchanges are made to occur swiftly and accurately, through our own cross-dock operations and using our own vehicles, without central transhipment.As our logistics locations are scattered across the Benelux, by the very next morning your goods have already been moved close to their final destination. Less than 24 hours after departure. And covering the lowest possible number of kilometres.

More logistics locations

Courtesy of DHB, De Graaf Logistics’ customers have over 350,000 m² in warehousing space available to them, to be chosen from among 14 locations around the Benelux.

It goes without saying that we are more than happy to collect your goods from your own facilities. However, if your own premises are too far away from the final place of destination, it is worth considering to have them stored at DHB.

With DHB, your goods are close to your customers at all times, enabling you to save on kilometres and gain in swiftness of response.


Greater efficiency

DHB distribution and warehousing brings greater logistical power, involving fewer lorries and consequently ensuring greater efficiency.

Which is good for the environment. As less transport means less carbon dioxide. It is good for you too: if De Graaf Logistics and DHB combine fewer kilometres with greater logistical power, it is good for all of us!

Want to find out how many kilometres DHB can save your company? T. +31(0)162 428878

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