Distribution operations using our own vehicle fleet troughout the Benelux

For the delivery of goods involving supplementary requirements such as a truck-mounted forklift or a crane at any time of day.

Every working day, DGL covers all of the Benelux with its own tractor units. The vehicles are equipped with a tailboard, or a truck-mounted forklift or crane if required. Deliveries can be made to occur at any time of day. When unloading, our driver uses his on-board computer to report which shipment is being unloaded. At the same time, the on-board computer automatically transmits the vehicle’s GPS position by the minute. Using a digital map, this enables our Planning department to see exactly where the tractor units are located, which shipments have already been unloaded and which remain to be unloaded. You can check out the current statuses of these shipments in real-time using Track & Trace on our website. The digital signatures are made available on the website the day after the delivery took place.

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