Faster an better traceability through scanning!

Together with its logistics partners, DGL scans all of your shipments that carry a barcode.

By their very nature, barcodes make for faster-paced and improved traceability. Obviously this requires all goods to carry a self-adhesive label with a unique barcode.


Why better?

As every shipment unit has been given a unique barcode, we are able to check exactly where and when it was scanned. As the location is also required to be scanned during sorting, the scanner immediately flags up if a location is entered that is different from the location recorded in our TMS (Transport Management System). After the right location has been scanned, the scanner is released to be used for the next action.


Why faster?

Immediately after your goods are scanned, DGL or one of our partners immediately transmits the scan data to our TMS. And as our Track & Trace data on our website are linked to our TMS one-on-one, these data are also immediately available to you as the customer.


Transmitting shipment data: could not be easier

To make your life a lot easier in printing self-adhesive barcode labels and transmitting shipment data by way of barcode data, DGL and its partners have devised a special programme. The programme is available to be consulted at our website under 'Enter customer orders'. Please speak to one of our colleagues for the login details. If your own automated system enables you to transmit a digital file with shipment data including bar code data and to print off barcode labels, obviously there is no need for you to use this web entry application.

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