Without a mess: paint distribution

For many years, De Graaf Logistics has been operating in the finely-meshed distribution of paints and associated products. In fact, at DGL this is considered a specialty.

Constant focus of attention
 A 10-litre pot of paint that starts leaking during transportation. Water-borne paint that is delivered to the painter and decorator in frozen condition in the middle of winter. No need to ‘paint’ the picture… or the ramifications. DGL drivers are properly trained and use purpose-fitted brace collars for loose parcels. Cargos are sorted manually, not on conveyor belts.

ADR distribution
It's not uncommon for shipments of paint to come under the ADR regime, all the more so as these dangerous substances may be caustic, flammable or toxic in nature. Which means added safety requirements apply to distribution and transportation operations. DGL has longstanding experience with the distribution of ADR goods for small and large customers alike.

Your benefit
De Graaf Logistics offers the kind of quality you have every right to expect from a specialist. As well as the full benefits of network distribution. As it is, pooling our resources the smart way enables us to achieve greater efficiency: fewer kilometres with greater logistical power. Which works out to your benefit too.

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