Warehousing and Distribution for a century

For courier to modern logistical service provider

From a traditional parcel delivery service to a modern-day service provider.

De Graaf Logistics has been serving destinations throughout Europe since 1920. Efficiently, swiftly and with dedication. Drawing on the support of modern ICT and automated systems.
De Graaf Logistics in Oosterhout sprouted from two operating companies:
De Graaf Internationaal Transport based in Nieuwendijk, which specialised in international consolidated shipments & the transportation of cranes and Vervoercentrum Breda, which specialised in nationwide distribution operations. In 2001, these activities were clustered under the header of DGL at the new location at the address 18 Logistiekweg in Oosterhout, which in due course went on to be expanded with warehousing and railway transport.

De Graaf Internationaal Transport
The history of our company gets under way shortly after the First World War, as 1920 was the year in which Wim De Graaf Sr. started his own parcel delivery service. Nine years later, horse and cart sold, De Graaf Sr. took to the wheel of his first lorry: an A-Ford.

In 1965, Wim De Graaf Junior discontinued the parcel delivery service, to be replaced by a freight forwarding and haulage business. Soon, increasingly bigger tractor units carrying the De Graaf livery were seen up and down the motorways. When De Graaf Sr. died in 1992, his sons Wim and Jur De Graaf took over their father’s business.

In 1995, De Graaf acquired Vervoercentrum Breda where De Graaf vested all of its freight forwarding operations. As from January 2001, the joint activities were transferred to the new premises at the Logistiekweg address in Oosterhout and continued under the moniker of De Graaf Logistics.

Vervoercentrum Breda
Vervoercentrum Breda started out in 1938 as a parcel delivery service, at a time when parcels and packages were still being delivered by horse-drawn cart. The delivery men would meet at Laurijssen’s café located in Breda’s Oude Vest to exchange the goods, with a room next to the café serving as storage space.

In 1967, some 50 members set up the Vervoercentrum Co-Operative Society (Coöperatief Vervoercentrum B.A.). In 1974, new premises were occupied at the Trekpot. In 1995, the other members were bought out by De Graaf Internationaal Transport with the co-operative transformed into a private limited liability company (BV). In 2001, the Trekpot premises in Breda were shut down, which coincided with the launch of De Graaf Logistics at the new location in Oosterhout.


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