European network

Each day, several lorries leave for various transshipment points around our European networks.

Freight forwarding across Europe

Based on our longstanding experience and understanding of the market, we also handle haulage assignments to various destinations within Europe for a wide number of direct customers. As we have been working closely with fellow haulage companies of renown for decades, we are in a position to bring high service levels at competitive rates.

Network distribution across Europe

For the distribution of less than carload shipments within Europe, each day several DGL lorries leave for transhipment points dotted around our European networks. In total, the goods are delivered from well over 425 transhipment locations across Europe. Using top of the range IT connections, the very latest status information and the signature for receipt are available in digital format from our website at all times. If required, we are also available to handle your customs formalities. The infrastructure in place allows you to rest safe in the knowledge that your shipments are delivered throughout Europe in observance of short lead times at competitive rates.
The same applies to special ADR cargos.


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