New Euro-6 eco combi’s (25.25 mtrs)

60% more cargo transported with 25% less carbon dioxide emissions.

DGL has commissioned two New euro-6 eco combi’s (25.25 mtrs), enabling us to transport up to 60% more cargo compared against a standard vehicle. Thanks to a dolly that connects a full trailer behind the straight lorry. On average, carbon dioxide emission levels are 25% less.
Extra requirements are held out in terms of consumption:

  • the vehicle must be fitted with axle load metering, side face screening and marking in compliance with LCV regulations.
  • permission must be sought from the road network operator to drive the LCV to the unloading point.
  • driver is required to have been in possession of his driving licence for at least 5 years and to have taken supplementary training to drive an LCV.

In addition, specific requirements apply regarding the cargo, whereby the transportation of dangerous substances is excluded.

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