Lean and Green Star for DGL

De Graaf Logistics’ general manager Robert van Wezel was awarded the Lean and Green Star on 11-12-2012.

In the spring of 2010, the Lean and Green Award had already been assigned to the company for its ambitious plans to slash its carbon dioxide emissions by 20% in 2012 compared against 2007. Further to an audit by Deloitte, at the behest of Connekt, De Graaf Logistics turned out to have amply overshot the intended target.

This reduction in carbon dioxide emission levels was accomplished through the winning combination of the 3 measures below:


  • 100% green power generation by DGL’s wind turbine in its own grounds
  • Reduction of the number of kilometres on the through more intensive collaboration within our networks
  • Transhipment of cargos from road to railway transport at our own rail terminal
  • The Lean and Green logo can be clearly seen on the lorries.


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