Crane & Truck-mounted forklift

Do you have shipments that involve extra or specific requirements?

If the loading and/or unloading point is not properly equipped to load or unload the cargos by itself, DGL can send out a transport vehicle fitted with on-board loading and unloading facilities, in the shape of a crane that has been mounted onto the tractor unit or of a truck-mounted forklift that can be taken out on a trailer.

Truck crane
Alongside sliding canvas trailers, we also have open trailers and trailers with a detachable rooftop, which allows DGL to also load and/or unload non-standard size goods and/or high weight goods on a self-reliant basis using the truck crane. The truck crane can hoist up to 5,000 kilos max. up to a 3-metre height.

Truck-mounted forklift
Every DGL trailer comes with a tailboard loading ramp or is able to take along a truck-mounted forklift. If so specified by you, we are happy to use the truck-mounted forklift for loading and/or unloading cargos at a supplementary fee. A truck-mounted forklift can hoist up to 2,500 kilos max. up to a 2-metre height.

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