2012 System administrator day

The winner of the '2012 System Administrator Day' was Bjorn Stout.

Under the watchful eye of a number of colleagues, Bjorn received the prize put up by Netgear in November 2012 from Databyte’s Peter Bijker.

Completely taken by surprise after he had been handed the NAS including 12 TB storage, Bjorn’s first reaction: 'I’m a little short on storage space at home, so this will stand me in good stand. Great!'

The jury singled out Bjorn for praise because of the large number of thrilled reactions he got from colleagues at our website.
Which made it very clear that we are dealing with a real sizzler.
The appreciation put into words by one of Tom’s colleague on the occasion was quite apt:
'After a year packed with exciting events, anything from crashes to expansions. There is nothing Bjorn will not turn his hand to … just a little patience and everything is back to full working order. From 5 in the morning until the wee hours, you are always ready and available to lend a helping hand. If I were a woman, I’d snog you. Thanks for what’s been a wonderful year. Keep it up!'


Be sure to also check out: dagvandesysteembeheerder.nl ! (source)

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